вторник, 11 октября 2011 г.

Returned letters

More than 20 letters was returned Russian postage service.
All envelopes had a postage stamps equivalent pay for international mail.
It was part of my Mail Art project "ANY PENNY"
Send to: Dragica Ohashi, Roberto Seala, Stefano Forssiant Sini, JF Chpelle, Simon Waren, Silla Campanini, Pascal Lenoir, Olvia, Keitht A. Buchholz, Keith Bates, G. StraDaDa, J.M. Figueiredo, Antonio Moero, Denise Hunley, Petro Romano, Horst Baur, Snappy, Grigory Antonin, S.C. Rossoreena, and Ryosuke Cohen...
It's good part of Mail Art was return back!!!
BUT!!! After holly-days i go to post office and they are sad - SORRY IT WAS MISTAKE...

And take my Mail Art again for sending... :)

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